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OdaTech® Odour control systems

 Ivan de Souza (IAAWA)


Ivan’s vast and varied experience of over 12 years in the maintenance engineering field at large heavy engineering firms in India had provided him a minefield of opportunities to investigate problems and look for improvements to make tasks easier, more economical and safer to undertake.

His philosophy is that ideas are usually generated when one experiences problems, frequent equipment failures or excessive operational and maintenance expenses and it is then worth investigating to find out a solution. Studying failure modes and using past experiences and engineering knowledge comes in good stead in looking for improvements and coming up with an innovative and cost-effective solution that can makes tasks simpler and safer for operation and maintenance.

Ivan, as a long serving (30 years) and experienced Senior Asset Management Planner with the Water Corporation of WA saw the opportunity in looking for a solution to one of water utilities’ frequently reported environmental pollution incidents, namely foul odour complaints from residents near wastewater facilities. After studying existing odour control system failure modes he successfully designed improvements to address these to invent and develop the Odouridder® biofiltration technology for effectively treating and controlling odorous sewer gases.

The Odouridder® and OdaVent® suite of products have had immense success in providing an economical and chemical-free solution using sustainable biotechnology typically adapted for treating odorous sewer gases all types of wastewater collection and transfer facilities. Ventilation and treatment of foul gases has a major beneficial effect in reducing concrete corrosion in the sewer network. Industry leading below-ground OdaVent® biofilters have been developed using the same patented design and are now widely used to unobtrusively vent and treat sewer gases from discharge manholes and sewer air-valve pits that are located in street verges and public open spaces.

 OdaTech® Pty Ltd

After leaving the Water Corporation Ivan set up his own company OdaTech® in 2008 to manufacture and market his odour control products.

OdaTech® now produces a comprehensive range of engineered, highly efficient and cost-effective odour control systems for treatment of odour and corrosion control for municipal and industrial applications.

Odatech® is the Water Corporation’s preferred supplier for odour control equipment with over 27 installed systems. OdaTech® is being recognised interstate and has already supplied over 12 installations at various water utilities on the east coast with 3 more on order.

How it works

OdaTech’s products, the Odouridder® and OdaVent® use sustainable biofiltration technology and an innovative patented design to biologically oxidize hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and volatile organic compounds.  The Odouridder® and OdaVent® systems are the result of studies made on the failures and shortcomings of the traditional compost bed filters. The systems have been designed to provide the best environment for the biologically–active micro-organisms and their long-term survival. 

The modular system design consists of fully enclosed biotanks with tiered biomedia trays, arranged in an array to provide a complete biofiltration system with a very small footprint for various ventilation capacities. The unique removable tiered-tray filter modules are custom made, and are designed to make replacement easy with minimal downtime.

Vitiated foul air flows from the base of the biostack through the specially blended biomedia which is automatically maintained at the optimal humidity. The biologically active micro-organisms that colonise the biofilm on the media in the media absorb and biochemically oxidise the hydrogen sulphide and other odours to convert to harmless byproducts.  

The biomedia is a homogeneous mixture optimally blended for moisture, nutrient levels, absorptivity, low pressure drop and is pH buffered.  It has a long life (3-5years) and produces no hazardous wastes.  It fully complies with WSA 121–2004 Industry Standard for Biofilters

 OdaVent Biofiltation System at Hope island. QLD (Photo: OdaTech)OdaVent® Bio-filtration System at Hope Island, QLD (Photo: Courtesy OdaTech)

     Below-ground OdaVent® at Pratt Rd SPS, Australind WA  (Photo: Courtesy Odatech)


These products have been specially designed and developed for various applications to resolve odour and corrosion problems in sewer collection and transfer systems.  The systems’ consistent reliability, high odour removal efficiency and low maintenance features have been the reasons for the Water Corporation to adopt the technology as a standard means of odour control at sewage pump stations.

OdaTech® has won various awards notably the Belmont Small Business Environment Award 2010 & 2008 and the Most Innovative Enterprise Award 2007

For more information contact Ivan at or visit


About the inventor

Ivan de Souza lives in Perth and runs OdaTech® from his office in Balcatta.

Ivan is married with 2 daughters who are artists.

He attends and exhibits his scaled model Odavent® biofiltration system at OzWater , Enviro, Australian Water Association and Odour Speciality Conferences and Exhibitions in order to increase product awareness.

He was one of the Runners Up for the WA Inventor of the Year Award 2006

Ivan is a member of the Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia, Australian Water Association and the Inventors Association of Australia (WA) Inc where he served as a committee member.

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