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The Coordinating Council undertakes not to reveal personal details or other information that may be given to it in confidence.  

This website is linked to a full-blown membership management system which is run by Wild Apricot. The Wild Apricot membership data is held secure to the highest industry standards. For details please click on this link Wild Apricot Security

The member management system is a comprehensive well designed system, designed to make the management of membership databases easy, quick and fool-proof.  It offers automated email and printed renewal notices, meeting reminders, welcoming messages etc. 

Members listed online can view and correct their personal profiles, add personal details and photographs of themselves.  They can also select which items on their profiles they are happy to show to anybody, or to members only, or to nobody.

Affiliated associations can elect to use as much or as little of the member management system as they choose. They may elect to have online membership applications only and do the rest of the member management manually, or they may elect to keep a basic membership list online to allow automatic personalised email and printed notices, reminders, renewal notices, subscription invoices etc to be sent out to their members.  The system is there to be used as each association sees fit.  The responsibility for maintaining membership lists online or offline rests with the affiliated state inventors associations and management of those lists is subject to their respective state laws.

Access to the full website is available to all paid up members of any association irrespective of the their home association arrangements.  The submission of a copy of a receipt of dues paid is sufficient proof of membership.  The Coordinating Council webmaster shall maintain a list of members registered for the use of this website for the sole purpose of managing this website.

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