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We are proud to list the following companies and organisations as Professional Service Members of our Associations. These companies have agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics, your promise of a "fair go".

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Western Australia



Providing Innovation and Business Development Solutions

Openii, sometimes pronounced Open Eyes, is a management consulting business specialising in product development, technical problem solving and process improvement. Openii are also product and business developers managing the delivery of all services required from concept development, through business planning, research and development, prototyping, product testing and manufacturing through to product distribution and sales and through all of the stages in-between. Using the collective power of the innovation community, Openii can assist businesses at any stage throughout the development cycle. To learn more about the services we supply please visit our website at

Managing Director - Cameron Gibbs

Openii is largely the result of Cameron's creative abilities. His extensive managerial skills developed as a committee member of the Inventors Association of Western Australia Inc. are employed to manage the daily operations of Openii's Innovation Management activities. Cameron has been a member of the Inventors Association of Western Australia Inc. since 1998 and has served as the Vice-President of that Association since 2006. He is currently also the Vice-President of the Inventors Association of Australia (Federal) Inc. – a position he has held since 2008.

Cameron holds qualifications in Small Business Management, CNC Programming and Part Design using MasterCAM. As well as being the managing director of Openii he has also run a number of businesses including the following:

  • Invology – A sole trader business assisting inventors with product development.
  • Australian Archaeological Tours – A business running tours to places of historical significance in the Perth Hills.
  • Addlife Concrete Resurfacing – A business supplying decorative and protective concrete resurfacing services.

His wide range of technical abilities has been used to help develop Openii's procedures and its educational content. Cameron works as the head recorder in corporate Think-Tank sessions to bring structure to the group's ideas. Cameron oversees the development and implementation of all Openii projects.

His own invention development projects include the Go-Can toilet and shower system for the back of trucks and the Carnivore CNC Hobby Router.

Contact details

0406 277 158 


The Innovation Guru

Will my idea work?

How do I develop my invention? Is there a market for it? What are the steps to getting it out there? What do I do first?

Inventors like you are asking exactly these questions and more. My name is John Jacob, and I have the answers you are looking for. With over 25 years experience internationally in innovative product development as well as extensive experience in business, I can show you how to develop your idea with less money, in less time, and with less overall risk to you.

I de-mystify the process of inventing for you by revealing what to do first, what to do next, and each step after that. This is based on real-world experience, not just some academic "theory." I help you by:

  • Evaluating the commercial potential of the idea
  • Determining if the design will perform as required
  • Assisting you with the most basic necessities, such as a business plan, IP strategy and a working R&D plan.

The choice is yours: you can take your chances with DIY, or you can stay in control and get affordable, expert guidance from a trained specialist.

I also have a network of competent and reputable people ready to assist my clients. My job is to advise you whom to see and when, what to expect, and how to get the most value out of it.

John S Jacob the Innovation Guru

To get started today, visit: &

A very wise friend of mine said to me once, "There are two kinds of blokes you'll meet: those who die wondering, and those who die trying."


Adam Law Patent & Trade Mark Attorney

A personalised approach for better results

The patent and trade mark attorney practice run by Adam Law was established with the aim of providing unbiased personalised advice to the highest standards where the interests of clients are the primary concern. The practice specialises in the preparation and prosecution of mechanical, software, electronic and business method patents in Australia and overseas. The practice has links with legal and patent attorney firms in Australia and also assists clients in the areas of trade marks and designs.

Adam specialises in preparing and analysing mechanical, software, electronic and business method patents and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys.

Adam has honours degrees in mechanical engineering and physics from the University of Western Australia and has over 10 years experience in the patent attorney profession. Adam has worked for a number of top tier patent firms in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Adam has invented a number of his own inventions and joined the Inventor's Association as a corporate member in 2010.

With Adam, your intellectual property rights will be in good hands - whether it is a patent, trade mark or design.

Contact details

Phone: (08) 6102 2784
 0422 914 152
Address: Floreat WA, 6014
Skype: adamjameslaw




The following businesses operate specifically in Queensland. If you are interested, they may be able to offer service outside of Queensland. Please contact the specific business to discuss.




South Australia

The following businesses operate specifically in South Australia. If you are interested, they may be able to offer service outside of South Australia. Please contact the specific business to discuss.




New South Wales

The following businesses operate specifically in New South Wales. If you are interested, they may be able to offer service outside of New South Wales. Please contact the specific business to discuss.





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