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New Inventors Associations are coming...

The IAA Federal Coordinating Council intends to establish new Inventors Associations Sydney, Hobart, Darwin and other regional centres of Australia where one is needed and there is no active association.   

It is suggested that these associations will be modelled on the successful associations in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, with the same objectives, - the provision of quality advice to aspiring inventors and novice inventors on the "what you must do" and "what you should not do".  

The Inventors Associations fill a gap in the spectrum of services and assistance avialable to inventors and innovators.   The gap that Inventors Associations fill is in the early stages of development of an idea through to the stage when the practicality and viability of an invention is established and a business plan is developed and is being impemented.  Once this stage has been reached, assistance from a range of government agencies, angel investors etc., becomes available.  

Most inventors have little capital to work with and mistakes can be very costly. Cheap and timely quality advice and make a huge difference to the chances of  success, or could prevent the suandering of private resiurces on ideas that have no future potential.

To be success, a new association will require of knowledgeable experienced inventors an provide the advice and assistance novice inventors need.  If you can and are willing to assist,  please register your interest by filling in the Expression of Interest Form below.

The perfect candidates for committee positions will have good organisational skills, be able to communicate well across a number of mediums, they will be sociable and will respond well to challenges.  They will need a vision for how they can use the Inventors Association model to help supply services and opportunities to inventors.  

If you are interested in participating in the development of an exciting new organisation, please let us know and we can include you on a register of enthusiastic association builders. Please Contact Us to discuss your involvement.

Professional Service Providers and 
Corporate Memberships

We are seeking Professional Service poviders who can supply inventor-specific professional services to inventors.  

We are also seeking Corporate Members - companies who supply general services to inventors and others and want to support the association(s).

Professional Service Members are asked to abide by the Code of Ethics, an undertaking to providetheir services to inventors in a transparent and ethical way.  It also spells out how clients of Professional Service members are expected to behave.  The association reserves the right to refuse admission to this class of membership to applicants who do not meet the admission criteria.  

Corporate members are not required to sign an undertaking to abide by the Code of Ethics, but may apply to upgrade to Professional Service status if they so desire.  

If you are a service provider offering service to inventors, please Contact Us to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Examples of Professional Service Member advertisements can be found here.

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