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SmartBurn - smoke reduction for wood fires

Peter Hutchinson (IAWA)

Peter Hutchinson's SmartBurn system reduces wood smoke, increases wood burning efficiency in fireplaces, and removes existing soot and sap residues from chimneys and flues.




Peter writes:

"One dark cold winter's night, I was sitting with my sister and her family at her home around her lovely bright fire. We were all enjoying the warmth of both fire and family, when there was an urgent knock at the front door.

A passing motorist had spotted the chimney stack on their old colonial home was alight and was raising the alarm.

A very hurried evacuation ensued with dowsing the flames using hoses.

The fire was quickly put out but not before the beige lounge carpet had been completely ruined by water and black debris from the chimney and fireplace.

I didn't realise it at the time but that evening was the turning point in my life.


As an Industrial Chemist (BSc.Chemistry) with 25 years experience with Western Power, I decided that when I had time, I would work on a way of stopping the build up of flammable soot and sap in chimney flues which causes chimney fires.

After leaving Western Power, I set up my own Laboratory and Environmental Consultancy business called South West Chemical Services.

On a part time basis alongside this business I worked on the "flue cleaner" for a couple of years doing my own trialing and testing. Being a passionate environmentalist I was keen to develop a successful device and drew on my extensive trouble shooting skills with Western Power.

The "flue cleaner" was refined and refined and when external laboratory testing from a NATA certified laboratory proved successfu,l SmartBurnĀ® was born."

How It Works


"The SmartBurn pollution reduction device is a steel tubular device containing a solid mixture of natural ingredients. Once heated, the ingredients melt and sit in the 'bowl' of the steel casing and release a small amount of vapourised ingredients from the open ends.

This vapour allows the soot and sap (smoke) to be burnt 'within' the fire-box rather than going up the chimney flue as 'wasted fuel.'

This results in up to a 50% reduction in wood smoke emissions and a 17% more effective burn of wood. A small amount of these ingredients will act on any existing residues (black soot and sap) on the internal walls in the chimney flue, and these will be slowly removed.
Once the fire-box is cold, the mixture of ingredients becomes a solid again. One unit lasts on average 3 months."

About The Inventor


Peter Hutchison is both an Industrial Chemist by trade and a passionate Environmentalist. Peter has a wealth of knowledge in the area of Hydrocarbon Combustion developed from over 25 years working in Coal Fired Power Generation.

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